Marisa Wessler is an American jazz vocalist 

based in London, UK.

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About Marisa

Marisa Wessler brings an engaging and quirky Californian sensibility to her performance of jazz standards. 

She specialises in performing lesser-known repertoire from the Great American Songbook to Spanish-language songs which reflect her Chicana background.


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    Thank you, NHS!
    Thank you, key workers! <3

Excerpt from "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" by Cole Porter.

Live at the King Charles I

in London, November 2018. Recorded by Raquel Esquivel.

Many thanks to Bob Stuckey (piano) and Andy Hamill (bass/percussion) for their kind permission to post

this video.




©2020 Marisa Wessler

Photo: Adri Ayala - @adridodo

Marisa is standing in front of a red background. She is wearing a white button up shirt and a big blue and white skirt, which she is stretching out with both hands.